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Raffle draw live on Facebook! Every Friday 9pm (+8 GMT)




Prize A: Vegito Xeno SSJ4 Figure (2 Pieces)
Prize B: Son Goku Migatte no Goku Figure (2 Pieces) 
Prize C: Vegetto SSGSS Figure (1 Pieces)
Prize D: Kamen no Saiyajin Figure (1 Piece) 
Prize E: Gogeta SSJ4 Figure (1 Piece) 

Prize F: Glass (16 Pieces)

Prize G: Mini Plate (14 Pieces)

Prize H: Folder Set (16 Pieces)
Last Prize: Gogeta Xeno SSJ4 Last One Ver. (To be given to the person who purchased the last Kuji ticket)


Prizes are updated every Saturday after the Live draw. 

Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Heroes

  • - You are purchasing 1 ticket at the listed price. 

    - You will know what item you have won after the live draw. 

    - You don't have to be present during the draw, we will notify you what you have won and you can view the video at your own leisure.