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Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball Ginyu Force!! Invasion

Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball Ginyu Force!! Invasion

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Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball Ginyu Force!! Invasion is a unique collectible featuring a specially curated selection of figures representing the iconic Ginyu Force. From accurately detailed figures of Ginyu to Frieza's elite warriors, this rare set is perfect for any Dragon Ball fan.

Raffle draw live on Facebook and YouTube!

Prizes Available in this Kuji: 

Prize A: Son Goku: Kaioken Figure 2 pieces
Prize B: Ginyu Figure 2 pieces
Prize C: Recoome Figure 1 piece
Prize D: Barter Figure 1 piece
Prize E: Jeice Figure 1 piece
Prize F: Guldo Figure  1 piece
Prize G: Container Box 1 piece
Prize H: Zip Pouch 15 pieces
Prize I: Tumbler 24 pieces
Prize J: Towel 34 pieces

Last Prize - Ginyu (Son Goku Version) (To be given to the person who purchased the last Kuji ticket) 

Double Chance: Ginyu (Son Goku Version)


Product Info

- You are purchasing 1 ticket at the listed price. 

- You don't have to be present during the draw, we will notify you what you have won and you can view the video at your own leisure.

Return & Refund Policy

- Tickets bought at strictly not refundable or exchangeable due to the nature of the game. 

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