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Kujist Hololive Holo Cooking Refills!

Kujist Hololive Holo Cooking Refills!

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Raffle draw live on Facebook and YouTube!

Prizes Available in this Kuji: 

① Microfiber Towel Nakiri Ayame Version 1 piece
② Microfiber Towel Nekomata Okayu Version 1 piece
③ Microfiber Towel Usada Pekora Version 1 piece
④ Microfiber Towel Shirogane Noel Version 1 piece
⑤ Microfiber Towel Amane Kanata Version  1 piece
⑥ Microfiber Towel Tsunomaki Watame Version 1 piece
⑦ Microfiber Towel Yukihana Lamy Version  1 piece
⑧ Ayame's Evening Drink Set 2 pieces
⑨ Okayu's Rice Ball Ladle 2 pieces
⑩ Pekora's Pekora Pot 2 pieces
⑪ Noel's Hungry Bowl 2 pieces
⑫ Kanata's Angel Halo Trivet 2 pieces
⑬ Watame's Snack Bowl 2 pieces
⑭ Lamy's Cool Silicone Ice Tray 2 pieces
⑮ Mini Mascot Figure 7 pieces
⑯ Acrylic Stand Nakiri Ayame Version 2 pieces
⑰ Acrylic Stand Nekomata Okayu Version 2 pieces
⑱ Acrylic Stand Usada Pekora Version 2 pieces
⑲ Acrylic Stand Shirogane Noel Version 2 pieces
⑳ Acrylic Stand Amane Kanata Version 2 pieces
㉑ Acrylic Stand Tsunomaki Watame Version 2 pieces
㉒ Acrylic Stand Yukihana Lamy Version 2 pieces
㉓ Clear Place Mat 14 pieces
㉔ Rubber Coaster 17 pieces

Last Prize – Hololive Clock (To be given to the person who purchased the last Kuji)

No Double Chance Available


Product Info

- You are purchasing 1 ticket at the listed price. 

- You don't have to be present during the draw, we will notify you what you have won and you can view the video at your own leisure.

Return & Refund Policy

- Tickets bought at strictly not refundable or exchangeable due to the nature of the game. 

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