General Questions

What is Kuji all about?

Kuji (くじ) means lucky draw! If you had walked along the streets of Akihabara in Japan you will notice several anime related shops holding such events. They are mostly anime themed! It is a sure-win event where you just pay the price of one ticket and see what merchandise you won!

What does this website do?

It provides a platform for you to purchase your tickets. Once order is confirmed with payment, we will open your tickets live on Facebook!

Do I need an account to place orders?

Please note that it is compulsory to create an account before you can play.

How many tickets can I purchase for a Kuji?

There is no limit on how many tickets you can purchase, but it's usually while stocks last.

How is the game being played?

1. You purchase the kuji you wish to play.
2. Make payment. No payment we will not be able to open your tickets during Live event.
3. Take note of your order number.
4. Stay tuned to our Live event at our Facebook/YouTube
5. We will flash your order number during our Live event, draw your tickets and open them.
6. You need not be present during our Live event. You can always watch at our page at your own leisure.

Can I get a refund/exchange for unused points/tickets I bought?

Please note that we strictly do not perform refunds or exchange of Kuji tickets, regardless of ANY reasons provided, due to the nature of the game. We seek your understanding in this matter.

Order Questions

In which order is the tickets torn?

We will tear according to when the order is being placed first. If there is a situation when 2 orders is placed at the same time, we determine the order according to which order email came in first. 

What happens during buyouts?

There might be a situation where technical glitches happen whereby 2 orders is being placed at the same time and there will be a difference in ticket count in the system. When buyout happens, sweeper is given the choice to buy the ticket difference. If sweeper does not want to do that, we will sell the extra tickets to the public so it will be opened before the buyout order. 

Can I choose my smaller prizes?

Yes, if there is variety in your ticket prize tier, please PM us on Facebook and provide us your priority list. It is important to provide us your priority list, we will pack accordingly. An example is given below:

Payment Questions

Can we buy Kuji tickets before Live?

Yes, you are encouraged to order tickets before the Live event as it helps us with our work flow! All tickets are available to purchase as long as there is stock available. For kujis that have not arrived yet, we will notify you when the kuji is here and when we will be opening your tickets.

Can we still order tickets when the Kuji commerce?

Yes, you can head to the website during Live event to purchase. Please cart the tickets during Live event and proceed to make payment.

What are the payment methods accepted?

For customers residing in Singapore, we accept PayNow transfers We accept credit card for customers residing outside of Singapore

How to pay by PayNow?

Scan the QR Code provided below to make payment. QR Code works for all  payment platforms.

For purchasing kuji tickets when we are not live, you can PayNow to UEN: 


Shipping Questions

How do we arrange for our items to be shipped? [SG AND OVERSEAS]

Kindly email us, or PM us on Facebook. The key is to stay in communication with us so we can understand your needs better.

Please note we do not automatically ship your items out as most players accumulate enough until they are ready to receive their items. You will have to let us know when you want us to ship the items.

What are the methods of shipping? [SG]

- Normal Mail - Starts from $2.50

- SmartPac Postage (Registered Mail) - $3.80

- Courier - starts from $5 for items below 5kg, $10 for items above 5kg

I want to know more about Normal Mail [SG]

- Fees $1.50.

- Tracking Available.

- We are not liable for any damages during postage.

- Recommended for unimportant items such as files, rubber straps or items that are not easily breakable.

I want to know more about Smart Pac [SG]

- Fees $3.80.

- Tracking is available.

- We are not liable for any damages during postage.

- Recommended for unimportant items such as files, rubber straps or items that are not easily breakable.

I want to know more about Courier [SG]

Starts from $5, you'll be charged according to weight. Insured up to $100 only, additional fees will incur to increase insured amount.

What about shipping outside of Singapore? [OVERSEAS]

We prioritise shipping cheaply instead of shipping safely, please let us know in advance if you wish us to pack safely instead.

We are unable to provide the exact shipping rates until we pack the items. 

We do not automatically contact you after Live to ask you to make arrangement for shipping. Please contact us when you are ready to receive your items. For players that has become inactive, we will contact you during June/December to arrange for shipping.

Live Questions

Where to watch the tickets being torn?

You can watch us live on Facebook or Youtube. I will be replying chat in Youtube. 

How should I behave with the community?

Please do not sell/trade items without our permission. Such acts can only be carried out if we allow, usually when the kuji is sold out. 
We also cannot tolerate negative behaviour, please respect all players. 

Curious Questions About Us

Who tears tickets during Live?


What does LBN means?

Lao Ban Niang. 老板娘 aka Lady Boss. 

What extra services do you offer?

I help with exchanges and swaps when the kuji set is sold out. I go the extra mile by typing the double chance codes so you can key in as soon as the kuji is sold out. I also help you look out for people who wants to buy your stuff, and alerts you to see if you wish to sell your extra prizes. I do unboxing of kuji samples so you can see the prizes without playing first. 

My main job is still the figurine website tho.